Trustpilot Integrates with Zendesk to Deliver a More Seamless Review Process

Online review platform provider Trustpilot is now integrated with Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service platform provider, in an effort to empower Trustpilot clients with a wider array of customer service tools and technology. Through the integration, a review on Trustpilot automatically generates a customer service ticket in Zendesk so that agents using Zendesk can be immediately alerted and can appropriately respond to the review.

"The most important takeaway is that the Zendesk integration will transform the way businesses are able to interact with their customers by being able to manage Trustpilot reviews from directly within Zendesk. It's an incredibly efficient time-saver and our Trustpilot customers have been pleased with the outcome in their trials," says Niklas Stephenson, head of global data products at Trustpilot. Zendesk customers will benefit as well—they'll be able to install Trustpilot's new channel app alongside existing customer service platforms, including email, phone, and social media tools.

Consumers likely won't notice much of a change in the process of leaving a review, but they may notice improvements when it comes to getting a response from an agent. When the review is negative and warrants immediate attention, the streamlined process on the back end might make a big difference on the consumer-facing side as well. "The customer's experience won't actually change because the integration combines both platforms' tools. [But] the agent will be able to respond quicker and more efficiently from within the Zendesk channel, without the customer ever having to take an extra step for quicker service," Stephenson says.

Before making the integration available to all of their customers, the companies first introduced it to a select group of users, including Top-Toy A/S (a Toys “R” Us brand), Firmafon, and Lifestyle Sports. According to Stephenson, customers are happy about the changes that the new integration has brought to their workflow. The "power tools" that Zendesk provides help fuel their efforts on Trustpilot, he explained.

For RC Wiley, a furniture, electronic, appliance, mattress, and flooring store that had a chance to test the integration, the new technology has simplified the overall review management process. "This app has made us a lot more efficient—it's a single place to control everything related to reviews. The macros can be modified for a quick, easy way to respond via computer or phone," he said in a company blog post.

Jacob Johst Christensen, project consultant at TOP-TOY A/S, also had positive feedback so far. "Trustpilot’s Zendesk app is what we needed. It's saved us a lot of time putting reviews from multiple countries and banners into the hands of the right agents," he said in a statement. 


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