Talkdesk Launches Virtual Agent

Talkdesk, a cloud contact center solutions provider, today launched Virtual Agent, delivering artificial intelligence (AI) to customer self-service applications.

Virtual Agent, powered by Talkdesk iQ, is a conversational, intelligent assistant deployed on the voice channel allowing businesses to serve customers even when the contact center is closed. Virtual Agent leverages a voice-enabled chatbot, knowledge base, and text-to-speech technologies to deliver human-like service with around-the-clock, intelligent conversational support to solve issues without agent interaction.

Talkdesk iQ-powered solutions provide real-time reporting and analytics to show patterns and offer insights to customer experience leaders and teams. Talkdesk iQ analyzes customer intent to deliver natural responses based on interaction tone, topic, sentiment, and acoustic analytics.

"Virtual Agent provides relief for contact centers that are overwhelmed with customer inquiries and issues," said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk, in a statement. "We are excited to bring our customers an AI-driven customer service application that will make contact centers smarter by addressing customer needs with an automated agent that is constantly learning, reducing the number of calls and freeing agents to address more complex service calls."

Talkdesk's Virtual Agent is natively built in the cloud and learns from interactions. Using CRM data, interactions are personalized and integrated with ticketing systems to create cases and schedule call backs when an agent becomes available.

Virtual Agent is the first release in Talkdesk's ambitious program to storm the contact center industry by starting 2020 with 20 product introductions. Talkdesk has already brought more than 600 features to the market in the past 18 months.

"Talkdesk innovates faster and delivers more value to our customers than any other contact center solution provider. In just the past two years, Talkdesk has introduced more than 600 features, including 200 patents, which paved the way for the 20-in-20 release," said Charanya Kannan, chief product officer at Talkdesk, in a statement. "The commitment to innovation is a constant at Talkdesk and embodies our desire to be one step ahead and make possible the seemingly impossible. It is in our corporate DNA, sets us apart, and puts Talkdesk at the forefront of the contact center solutions industry."