Sitel Group Launches EXP+

Sitel Group, a provider of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, has launched EXP+, its Enterprise Experience Platform with complete cloud capability.

EXP+ offers integrated and vertical-specific solutions for performance management, chat, email, voice-based contact center solutions, digital transformation, automation, data-driven insights, and CX consulting.

"At Sitel Group, experience is what we do. We have spent more than 35 years delivering exceptional and impactful experiences for the brands we support and dedicating ourselves to delivering exceptional associate experiences through programs like Sitel MAX," said Martin Wilkinson-Brown, chief marketing officer at Sitel Group, in a statement. "With EXP+, we are redefining CX delivery through our robust digital solutions and human-oriented services defined under four connected product families – Empower, Engage, Explore, and Evolve. Within this ecosystem, elements work together seamlessly to continuously improve our clients'CX delivery, drive more efficiency, and create greater business value."

While each solution within the EXP+ platform delivers value as a standalone product, EXP+ solutions integrate seamlessly.

The EXP+ platform is built around the following four product families:

  • EXP+ Empower for associate experiences from talent selection and onboarding to coaching and training;
  • EXP+ Engage for engaging consumers through customer-centric technologies combined with human connections;
  • EXP+ Explore with artificial intelligence-enabled analytics and consulting services; and
  • EXP+ Evolve with intelligent self-service and automation.

"Sitel Group's expertise, depth of understanding, and CX know-how, combined with advanced digital solutions and a seamless integration of our products, is what differentiates our platform," said Ryan Maund, chief product and innovation officer at Sitel Group, in a statement. "EXP+ is a solution that's always a step ahead of the technology it is built upon because it has been assembled using our own intellectual property and deep human understanding of the industry. This intimate knowledge of the business allows us to drive iterative improvements, resulting in fast ramp-up times and immediate value for brands, all while delivering a competitive advantage through our AI-enabled data and analytics solutions."