ServiceNow Launches Now Assist for Customer Service Management

ServiceNow, a digital workflow company, today announced a major Now Platform expansion with the Now Assist family of solutions available in the Vancouver release.

The Now Assist bundle includes Now Assist for Customer Service Management (CSM), along with other modules for HR service delivery, IT service management, and a Creator module for developers. To power the new features within Now Assist, ServiceNow released a domain-specific ServiceNow large language model called Now LLM.

Now Assist for CSM incorporates generative AI features such as case, incident, and agent chat summarization, virtual agent, and search capabilities. It streamlines customer service processes, generating summaries for cases and chats. Customers also benefit from an improved self-service experience with access to resources that help them find answers to their questions.

ServiceNow's generative AI strategy provides customers with LLM support through either general purpose LLMs or ServiceNow-developed models. Domain-specific LLMs are designed specifically for ServiceNow's workflows, use cases, and processes and tailored to agents, employees, customers, and IT administrators who use ServiceNow.

Amy Lokey, senior vice president of product experience at ServiceNow, in a press preview last week said that with the integration of generative AI across ServiceNow workflows, "companies can take the power of AI and use it for real business solutions."

The new products, she added "will help companies automate their important but time-consuming processes."

"Organizations are seeking a trusted partner to help them navigate this dynamic and fast-moving era of intelligence," said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer of ServiceNow, in a statement. "ServiceNow has thousands of customers already using the Now Platform to digitize and streamline processes across the enterprise. With our Vancouver release, we're combining the power of the Now Platform with new generative AI features to bring AI-driven intelligence to every corner of the business, creating a catalyst for productivity and better enterprise experiences.

"ServiceNow's advantage is empowering enterprises to innovate for growth, on a single strategic platform that delivers fast results and great experiences," Desai continued. "As we integrate generative AI across our workflows, we're simultaneously expanding our platform capabilities with the Vancouver release to give our customers exactly what they need in this moment: new solutions that help protect their businesses, lower operating costs, and scale automation for end-to-end digital transformation."

And, according to Lokey, "this is just the beginning." ServiceNow customers, she added "will see a lot more as we expand our LLMs."