Nuance Launches Agent AI

Nuance Communications today launched Agent AI, a technology bundle that unites human agents and artificial intelligence by giving them access to information with real-time insights, visibility into active conversations, and proactive recommendations.

Nuance Agent AI combines biometrics, analytics, and intelligent customer engagement technologies to also help validate customer identities and understand past interactions the organization has had with them, but also more quickly get to a resolution by having access to their company's latest information and programs.

"Too often, when AI in the contact center is discussed, there is a concern that it will take jobs away from humans, when in reality the most successful customer engagement strategies include a blended approach between customer service professionals and AI," said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance's Enterprise Division, in a statement. "Agent AI is not about replacing humans. Instead, it is about strengthening the confidence of agents. By leveraging AI, we are actually empowering agents to succeed and enabling them to deliver the best experience possible with less frustration for both them and the customers they are serving."

Enterprises that have already deployed Nuance's technologies for Agent AI have seen the following results:

  • A U.S. bank found 60 percent of agents reported improved job satisfaction;
  • A major utility found sales conversion increased by 60 percent;
  • A collections agency reduced customer engagements with escalation language by 15 percent; and
  • A mortgage services company reduced agent call time by 60 percent.

"While automation and self-service are irreplaceable when it comes to the customer engagement of the future, not everything is solvable by a virtual assistant or IVR," Weideman added. "Adding AI to the contact center means arming both humans and machines with insights gleaned from customer interactions and making recommendations based on those insights. It won't just help agents perform better, it will also increase the value that the enterprise is delivering to its customers."