NICE inContact Launches CXone Summer 2018 Release

NICE inContact today launched the Summer 2018 release of NICE inContact CXone, the latest version of its cloud customer experience platform.

New in this version is CXone Quality Management Analytics Pro, which applies advanced analytics within the quality management process to improve customer experience and efficiency; omnichannel capabilities for organizations to expand their reach to Millennial and Gen Z customers; and additional updates to help organizations comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy directive.

"Providing personalized, immersive, and engaging customer experiences must be a high priority for organizations of all sizes to compete in the experience economy. Today's most innovative brands have cultures rooted in creating the best experiences they can for consumers and are driven to continually build customer loyalty and advocacy," said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact, in a statement. "NICE inContact CXone innovations continue to support our number one goal: to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and win in the experience economy."

NICE inContact CXone Quality Management Analytics Pro is a new omnichannel quality management offering, fully unified in the CXone platform, that applies speech and text analytics to automatically pinpoint the right interactions for quality evaluations and agent coaching sessions. Managers and supervisors can use automatic analysis of customer sentiment, plus pre-defined or custom-defined categories and phrases, to select the right voice or digital interactions for review to do the following:

  • Track compliance with key phrases to stay on brand or to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Isolate and address offensive or unhelpful behavior; and
  • Identify specific customer service or sales scenarios to monitor and develop agent skill proficiency.

As a unified component of the CXone cloud platform, CXone QM Analytics Pro uses automated sentiment analysis and granular categorization of interactions. It can analyze each interaction based on category, sentiment, and user-defined keywords/phrases, and comes with dashboards for identifying trends and patterns.

The CXone Summer 2018 release also includes two new pre-integrated social channels plus new social features. CXone users can now engage new and potential customers on Instagram and Viber, proactively reach out with scheduled Tweets or Facebook posts, and interact with customers using emojis and shared images.

In addition, organizations now will have greater reporting insights for digital channels, including more visibility into how chats are concluded and control over chat transcript retention.

NICE inContact has also delivered new capabilities that can help users comply with GDPR through the following consent and data access requirements:

  • New options for filtering interactions to record and retrieve;
  • Additional chat transcript options for which interactions to record, retain or delete;
  • Automated and manual options to disable call recording if customer consent is not given; and
  • Support to help users comply with GDPR "right to access" and "right to be forgotten" requirements.