NICE inContact Helps Companies Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak

To eliminate potential disruptions during the current coronavirus outbreak. NICE inContact is providing a free work-from-home module for users of the NICE inContact CXone cloud customer experience platform.

In addition, to support the potential increase in call volume that 211 and 311 organizations are likely to receive, NICE inContact will provide free voice call ports to those organizations for the next six months. NICE inContact will also offer a free business continuity planning review to verify that work from home and geographic flexibility can be performed without interruption to the business.

In addition to the work-from-home offering, CXone provides full capacity elasticity and flexibility to dynamically move work across geographic locations. As businesses are shifting work to less affected regions and need to handle significantly varying volumes of customer service interactions, CXone enables an instantaneous shift in volume and location, across more than100 countries.

"We are proud to assist our customers and work with them around the clock to ensure their business continuity plans can meet the requirements of the changing landscape with respect to COVID-19," said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact, in a statement. "With employee safety being paramount, they also have to address the increasing number of interactions and inquiries coming from their end customers. For some, this is uncharted territory, and we see them increasingly seeking a solution that can adapt with their needs."