NICE Unveils Enhanced Strategic Planner for Contact Centers

NICE haS introduced NICE Enhanced Strategic Planner(ESP) to help contact centers make long-term workforce planning decisions.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and based in the cloud, NICE ESP helps contact centers plan and predict capacity needs based on their unique requirements. This advanced solution is an integral part of NICE's Workforce Management version 7.2, which includes enhancements enabling next-generation planning, support for tens of thousands of rules, and expanded cloud capabilities.

NICE ESP) helps contact centers predict how anticipated or potential staffing scenarios will impact the ability to meet performance goals. The AI-driven solution considers a range of variables, such as staff and channel needs as well as business parameters.

NICE ESP offers the following advanced features:

  • Dozens of advanced statistical models using AI to generate forecasts that adapt to historical data;
  • "What-if" planning to help predict potential impact of scenarios like business acquisitions or staffing changes on the contact center's unique workforce and performance metrics;
  • Multiple metric resolution besides just full-time equivalents, such as detailed shrinkage, service goals, and average handle times;
  • Tight integration with NICE Workforce Management; and
  • Cloud deployment, connectivity, maintenance, and management by NICE.

In addition to Enhanced Strategic Planner, NICE Workforce Management version 7.2 brings other enhancements that enable next-generation planning, expanded cloud capability, usability and performance improvements, and enrichments to reduce pain points for customers concerning adjacent product and ACD integrations. This version also supports the Amazon Connect platform with both historical and real-time integration.

"With Enhanced Strategic Planner, NICE brought yet another innovative offering to market that sets contact centers up to win and reiterates our leadership in this domain. This powerful, easy-to-use solution helps contact centers to accurately predict future resource needs by identifying the impact of a resource plan on key metrics, such as service levels, staffing levels, and handle time," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. "As a result, contact centers can achieve metrics more reliably, benefiting from the most optimal future resource plan. A true cloud solution, NICE ESP is accessible anywhere and is always updated with the latest features. We're proud to continue making our innovative vision for WFM a reality via NICE ESP and WFM version 7.2."