NICE Launches Real-Time Interaction Guidance

NICE today launched Real-time Interaction Guidance, a feature of the CXone platform that analyzes customer service conversations to provide real-time guidance for call center agents to better engage with customers.

The solution is powered by NICE Enlighten artificial intelligence. Based on predictive behavioral models for real-time interaction guidance, it automatically determines and scores the unique agent behaviors that directly drive customer satisfaction. This allows organizations to have a comprehensive and objective view of the behavioral performance of all agents, powering both real-time personalized guidance to agents and post-interaction evaluations, the company said.

The tool is designed to help call center representatives, who as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have become the first line of support for distressed consumers, dealing with increased volume, longer call times, and more complex/unusual requests. This new solution provides guidance on how to steer customer conversations with clear visualization and resolution, even in remote environments.

NICE Enlighten has analyzed billions of interactions from many of the world's largest organizations for the most critical use cases and business outcomes. With its out-of-the-box models, Enlighten can identify complaints, detect fraud, identify sales opportunities, and measure churn risk based on the behavioral patterns of consumers and agents. Deep understanding of behavioral patterns eliminates human errors and subjectivity and ensures quick identification and resolution of mission-critical issues. This allows contact center managers to drive the behaviors that improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores on 100 percent of interactions.

NICE Enlighten is an integral part of the CXone platform, infusing AI into all customer engagement processes, including predictive behavioral routing, agent coaching, complaints management, fraud detection, sales effectiveness, and more.

"By harnessing the power of NICE's AI platform, Enlighten, we are transforming the way service organizations are delivering on their customer experience promises. With a first-of-its-kind capability, Enlighten uses predictive behavioral models to directly influence customer satisfaction," Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, said in a statement. "More and more organizations are looking for ways to use AI in order to improve their customer relationships, and we are proud to empower them to do it with Enlighten. Helping organizations and their employees in the moment enables employees to make the right decisions and drive the desired outcomes."