Invoca Debuts Signal AI to Deliver Insight on Call Center Conversations

Call intelligence company Invoca has introduced Signal AI, an artificial intelligence solution that leverages machine learning to gather insights from call center conversations with customers and feed them back to different organizational teams.

The technology will analyze conversations in real time and to pick up on customer intent and behavior, and identify the outcome of the call. It works by following specific patterns in speech, rather than just picking out stand-alone terms and keywords like past generation analytics tools have. Identifying patterns will provide more accurate insight on why the call originated and how it turned out.

The tool is designed to not only help customer service agents improve customer service interactions but also help marketers improve campaigns. It’s not uncommon for customers to conduct research on a product or service online and eventually call a support center for additional information. With insight from Signal AI, marketers can then go in and analyze call interactions in an effort to optimize related campaigns based on their learnings. 

“Customer conversations have been an underused yet valuable data source for marketers as they seek to meet and even predict the subtlest of consumer needs and intents. Brands will differentiate themselves from the competition by leveraging rich insights from conversations to optimize digital marketing investments and improve the customer experience,” Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca said in a statement.

Some Invoca customers have already experimented with Signal AI. Blinds manufacturer 3 Day Blinds, for example, relies on the tool to improve marketing efforts. “With the new Invoca Signal AI we can more quickly identify the outcome of the call—whether a customer booked an in-home visit or inquired about pricing. We can use this information to measure our marketing effectiveness while also building a stronger relationship with each customer with personalized interactions,” Dan Williams, chief revenue officer at 3 Day Blinds, said in a statement.

Signal AI is ready to use out of the box, and is part of the Invoca Voice Marketing Cloud.


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