Google Launches Cloud Contact Center AI Platform

Google today introduced Google Cloud Contact Center AI platform, an expansion of its Contact Center AI that offers an out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution for the contact center.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI brings together artificial intelligence, cloud scalability, multi-experience capabilities, and tight integration with CRM) platforms to unify sales, marketing, and support teams around data across the customer journey.

With this addition, Contact Center AI now lets users do the following:

  • Orchestrate the customer journey by creating modern experiences that can be embedded in their chosen channels with mobile/web software developer kits (SDKs), compatible with iOS and Android;
  • Leverage CRM as a single source of insight into the customer experience to unify content, increase personalization, and automate processing with CRM data unification;
  • Manage multiple channels without pivoting across voice, SMS, and chat support;
  • Predict customer needs and route calls appropriately with AI-driven routing based on both historical CRM data and real-time interactions;
  • Automate scheduling, schedule adherence monitoring, and manage employee scheduling preferences with workforce optimization (WFO) integration;
  • Provide customers with self-service via web or mobile interfaces using visual interactive voice response.

With Google Cloud Contact Center AI, Google is expanding its partnership with Salesforce to integrate Contact Center AI with Service Cloud Voice to deliver a unified Service Cloud agent console and Customer 360. 

"Customers are continually raising their service expectations, and our research tells us 79 percent of consumers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services," said Ryan Nichols, senior vice president and general manager of contact center for Salesforce Service Cloud, in a statement. ";Through intelligence, workflows, and a deeper understanding of the customer, Salesforce's Service Cloud Voice paired with Google's Contact Center AI will empower agents with a seamless experience to help them wow customers."

Google also partnered with UJET, a cloud contact center solutions provider. Other integration partners include Accenture, CDW, Cognizant, Deloitte, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Quantiphi, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro.

"Google Cloud's Contact Center AI is already a force in the contact center industry thanks to its early focus on AI for customer experience," said Sheila McGee-Smith of McGee-Smith Analytics in a statement. "Through their partnerships with UJET and Salesforce, as well as these expanded capabilities, Google Cloud's Contact Center AI Platform will help define the future of customer service by powering more secure, engaging, and personalized customer experiences."