Genesys Unveils New Solutions for Contact Centers of All Sizes

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has released three new cloud-based solutions—Premier, Business, and Enterprise Editions—that cover the smallest contact centers to those with unlimited seats.

The solutions include technologies from Angel, Utopy, and Soundbite Communications, such as call recording, screen capture, and analytics. Driven by Utopy technology, speech and text analytics capture what is said in the moment during a conversation or in a multichannel experience. Soundbite’s solutions include proactive notifications from surveys that are integrated intothe Genesys platform.

“What really delivers the Genesys customer experience is that rather than routing a call to a group of agents [who] don’t know who they’re going to get, they can know who that caller is and what journey [he is] on,” says Reed Henry, chief marketing officer for Genesys. “[Customers] can be given to a specific and best-suited agent to handle a call so you get a higher first-contact-resolution rate and higher customer satisfaction,” Henry says.

Multichannel Support and Proactive Notifications

Aimed at small contact centers, the Genesys Premier Edition is a pure cloud offering that delivers a routing system and IVR capabilities and also offers Angel’s virtual contact center solutions. Capabilities include:

  • Scalability up to 250 seats
  • Multichannel support
  • Unlimited IVR ports
  • Intuitive and visual solution configuration  
  • Proactive notifications and surveys
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO)
  • Stand-alone agent and administrative support or native support within Service Cloud
  • Bundled telecommunications services

“All three new editions have the same underpinnings from the Genesys Customer Experience platform," Henry says. "In the Premier edition, we’ve included advanced routing capabilities and added Angel's cleaner user experience. Additionally, we've upgraded Angel's voice platform and replaced it with what is known as the Genesys Voice Platform, our IVR platform. Now, small and midsized call centers have the same highly scalable platform as large ones."   

Email, Chat, Mobile, and Advanced Self-Service Channels

The Business Edition can run contact centers in the cloud, on-premise with a preconfigured appliance, or in a hybrid cloud configuration. The on-premise appliance is new from Genesys and comes in multiple configurations. In the cloud or on-premise, the Genesys Business Edition deploys rapidly and scales as contact centers grow. Features include:

  • Scalability up to 1,000 seats
  • Inbound and outbound multichannel support
  • Email, chat, mobile, and advanced self-service channels support
  • Simplified and preconfigured routing options for rapid deployment
  • Workforce Optimization, including workforce management
  • Pre-integrated hardware appliances for on-premise deployments

Additionally, there is an intuitive analytics piece called Pulse that offers visual dashboards and interactive reports and provides real-time monitoring of contact center operations and performance.

“Across all these solutions we’ve put a new user interface that offers very simple, intuitive analytics, with operating performance management for the contact center that is completely graphical,” Henry says. “The Business Edition provides all-in-one call recording, which tends to be from a third-party vendor in many of environments. This beefs up the all-in-one solution [that you can get from] one vendor, which is a real trend. This provides simplification [and] management and offers more functionality for less overhead and operating expense. You don’t have to worry about managing [solutions] from different vendors in the life cycle.”    

Support for Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid Contact Centers

Genesys Enterprise Edition is tailored for large organizations that require highly scalable and customized contact center solutions. With this edition, customers can choose to run their contact center in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid cloud configuration. Capabilities in addition to those in the Business Edition include:

  • Scalability to unlimited seats
  • Cross-channel interaction management
  • Support for remote and branch office workers
  • Work item prioritization, routing, and analytics
  • Customization and third-party system and application integration     

According to Keith Dawson, principal analyst at Ovum, said that these types of technologies are becoming intergral for contact centers.

“The days of the proprietary automatic call distribution system being the only vehicle through which a company manages customer interactions will soon become a bygone era,” said Dawson in a statement. “These offerings from Genesys afford companies the opportunity to choose from a more flexible and innovative set of customer experience solutions available in streamlined deployment models that clearly delineate between cloud, premise, and hybrid solutions.”