Genesys Unveils Experience Index at xPerience 2023

Genesys had a busy first day of its xPerience 2023 user conference, its first in-person event in four year, announcing an expanded partnership with Amazon Web Services, Genesys Cloud CX innovations, the launch of the Genesys Experience Index, and more.

Genesys is improving its artificial intelligence capabilities through an expanded relationship with AWS. The company will use Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that creates foundation models from Amazon and leading AI partners. This will provide Genesys Cloud CX users with access to multiple large language models, including Anthropic, Claude, Jurassic-2, and Amazon Titan. According to Genesys, the deepened relationship with AWS will enable customers to innovate across use cases and industries, which will strengthen customer and employee experiences.

"Customers want to do business with a company with a compelling vision," said Tony Bates, Genesys's CEO and chairman, during his keynote address. At every customer touchpoint companies should be looking to deliver experiences that will make customers want to come back and to make employees want to come back to work, he said.

According to Genesys research, companies are rethinking their approaches to customer service, with plans to increase budgets by 25 percent this year to improve engagement across channels, systems, and departments. Nearly half (47 percent) of CX leaders surveyed said their top CX priority is investing in technology or connecting systems that improve the employee experience.

To help companies with employee experience challenges, Genesys launched its Work Automation and Task Routing solution for the Genesys Cloud CX platform to bridge the gap between the front and back office to more effectively solve customer-related tasks and post-interaction follow-ups.

The automation and task routing solution is designed to help companies do the following:

  • Create customizable workflows for more seamless task routing;
  • Have real-time visibility into every customer activity and work type;
  • Help manage shifting priorities; and
  • Offer a single centralized task view of all back-office work.

"Organizations no longer have to rely on an admin manager's best guess to prioritize and assign tasks," said Olivier Jouve, Genesys' chief product officer, in a statement. "With Work Automation and Task Routing for Genesys Cloud CX, organizations now have an efficient and reliable solution to orchestrate a high volume of work requests, helping them fulfill service-level agreements and keep their customer promises."

An estimated 75 percent of companies attempt to track how well they are doing with customers though Net Promoter Scores (NPS), but that rating system doesn't provide the feedback that organizations need to improve CX, according to Bates. He cited recent Gartner research that found three-quarters of organizations will likely abandon NPS as a measure of customer service support by 2025.

"It's not asking the right questions; it's not providing the information that you need," Bates said. "We have a better approach, a new paradigm for how to measure that is people-centric, actionable, and offers an end-to-end view."

The new approach, the Genesys Experience Index, is designed to provide insights into actions that detract from customer engagement and loyalty. The index combines human sentiment with industry benchmarks and data from the Genesys Cloud CX platform and other sources to help organizations pinpoint where experiences go wrong and what needs to be done to fix them to deliver stronger end-to-end experiences in the contact center and beyond.

"Orchestrating loyalty-building experiences today requires a new people-centric and actionable approach to measuring and benchmarking experience quality," said Peter Graf, Genesys's chief strategy and operations officer, in a statement. "With the Genesys Experience Index, we're giving organizations a new way to action what matters most to improve end-to-end experiences and drive better results for their employees, customers and businesses alike."

The company said the Genesys Experience Index will indicate the following:>

  • How employees rate their entire journey, from onboarding, training, and beyond;
  • How they compare with industry peers so they can better attract and retain talent;
  • How the agent experience is affecting the customer experience; and
  • Which tailored strategies they should implement to improve the contact center agent experience.

Companies can also receive consultative analysis from Genesys advisors to help them identify patterns and create action plans to strengthen their overall contact center employee experiences.

"For decades, companies have had useful ways to measure individual interactions, but tools to understand total experience over a series of connected activities and objectives have been non-existent or imprecise," Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, said in a statement.