Five9 Launches Digital Engagement for Customer Experience Across Multiple Channels

Five9, a cloud contact center provider, today unveiled Five9 Digital Engagement, a suite of applications for digital-first omnichannel customer experiences. The cloud-based offering encompasses a comprehensive set of digital channels from Five9, providing administration and control with a focus on customer journey and context.

Five9 Digital Engagement is fully integrated with Five9 inbound and outbound voice to create connected customer journeys across voice, email, SMS, webchat, video, and social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. Contact center agents can engage customers through multiple channels during a single interaction.

"I saw firsthand the evolution and growth of digital messaging as a first-class communication channel while leading the Facebook messenger platform," said Anand Chandrasekaran, executive vice president of product management at Five9, in a statement. "We are now seeing this trend in customer care service, and today Five9 is excited to announce comprehensive support for social messaging, as well as many other new digital engagement features."

Five9 Digital Engagement's features include the following:

  • Seamless, integrated communications across voice, email, SMS, webchat, video, and social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, and stack channels within a single interaction;
  • Omnichannel supervisory monitoring, including live monitoring of chat and email interactions;
  • A single unified agent interface for handling all message-based communications regardless of their source;
  • Workforce optimization data feeds to enable omnichannel workforce management and quality management processes;
  • Chat event integration with Google Analytics;
  • Support for third-party chatbots with the ability to escalate chat sessions to live agents along with the context of the chatbot interaction; and
  • Omnichannel integration with CRM systems, including in-house or custom systems, and intelligent routing of Salesforce chats and cases.

"Five9 Digital Engagement is the first omnichannel solution intentionally built to leverage the flexibility of CRM digital channels," Chandrasekaran said. "Now enterprises can place their customers at the heart of the business by allowing them to communicate on their own terms, when, where, and how they choose. To provide personalized, more human experiences, it is crucial that enterprises interact fluidly with customers across channels."

"Omnichannel has been table stakes for years, but what was good enough three years ago is passé today," said Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, in a statement. "With the new Five9 Digital Engagement offerings, Five9 is adding the advanced features, like live supervisory monitoring of chat and email, that are required for a digital-first approach."