Clarabridge Partners with Brandwatch for Social Analytics Solution

Clarabridge has integrated tools from social monitoring provider Brandwatch into its Clarabridge Social platform which brings together customer analysis and social analytics into an integrated solution that analyzes both structured customer data and unstructured data within social media.

With the solution, companies have access to a single hub to listen, understand and act on all customer feedback, from all sources with a deeper level of customer intelligence.

“One of the challenges of the enterprise at the moment is access to social data,” says Sebastian Hempstead, executive vice president of North America, Brandwatch. “Whether it’s marketing or customer care, [information] also needs to be consistent across the organization so that they can take action on this information. To date company organizations have been using siloed data with different analytics and this makes it hard to move forward.” 

Features of the integration include Brandwatch’s proprietary social crawling technology that mines data from millions of sites in over 25 languages across a several social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, and news sites. A refined search querying tool provides users with several options so that they can filter results.

“I think that customers have changed and in order to get insight into customer you have to get a broader view,” says Eve Sangenito, vice president marketing, Brandwatch. “It’s also not just about their buying experience, but how they are being supported.”

Clarabridge is providing sentiment and text analytics platform so that businesses can weed through millions of social posts to find relevant content and eliminate spam. This solution is combined with key customer metrics which lets organizations use tools such as an 11-point sentiment scale, one-click root cause analysis, and relevant alerts that are specifically created for social data to provide actionable insights.

Hempstead also says that with social media customer complaints are no longer limited to the call center but are broadcast for all the world to see.

“With a post-purchase relationship, once you’ve bought something you’ve established some sort of relationship with a brand,” says Hempstead. “Now that can be recorded online for everyone to see, so now that customer relationship becomes a reference point for future transactions. If I go online and see that a company has a terrible reputation and lots of people are complaining about them then I won’t buy from them. That kind of conversation just doesn’t happen with an agent on the phone where it can’t be heard by anyone else.”