Calabrio Launches New Version of Calabrio ONE

Calabrio today introduced the newest version of its Calabrio ONE workforce engagement management (WEM) suite at its virtual Calabrio Customer Connect(C3) conference.

The updated Calabrio ONE platform is designed to provide at-home or office-based agents with comprehensive self-service capabilities, including the ability to self-schedule, trade shifts, book time off, and find overtime, all via a mobile app. In addition, intelligent automation in a new virtual assistant continuously seeks and offers up schedule opportunities for agents.

The new product also unlocks insights for planning, performance, and wider workforce engagement, arming users with predictive analytics and reporting. Connecting WFM to quality management and analytics within the suite helps further analyze flagged operational issues, identify root causes and drive meaningful changes to the enterprise.

Among the new features are the following:

  • A virtual concierge, offering self-service assistance and scheduling based on agents' skills;
  • An integrated meeting planner that identifies the need for a meeting, providing scheduled coaching opportunities;
  • Smart one-on-one coaching, with an analytics-driven approach to improve and enrich meetings with agents;
  • Artificial intelligence-infused forecasting of workforce needs during the day;
  • An interface that provides explanations to agents of new features; and
  • CX intelligent solutions, designed to leverage voice of the customer and other data insights to help design packaged solutions for marketing.

Matt Matsui, chief product officer at Calabrio, said the system is designed to understand brand insights to help with marketing campaign effectiveness.

"Calabrio ONE is designed for the modern contact center, and part of that is having the agility to meet the moment, whenever that moment may come," Matsui said. "Right now, it's working from home and the impact from the pandemic. Tomorrow, it will be something else, and working from home will turn into working from anywhere; our agents will become free agents. But whatever the next challenge is, Calabrio's goal is to provide a flexible platform that can quickly adapt to change. We're proud that the new Calabrio ONE will help customers tackle their unique needs of the day and set them up for the future."

Many of those unique needs of the day became even more apparent amid the COVID-19 pandemic that sent most contact agents to work from home or other remote locations. Contact centers and their agents need to "have the agility to meet the moment," Matsui said, adding that Calabrio ONE provides such agility thanks to intelligent automation that enables contact centers to empower, educate, and manage today's workforce, whether they are remote or on-site.

The new version of Calabrio ONE includes elements of the previous version as well as elements of the Teleopti workforce management solution that Calabrio acquired last year.