AWS Launches Contact Center Intelligence

Amazon Web Services today rolled out Contact Center Intelligence (CCI), a combination of services powered by AWS's machine learning (ML) and speech technology to help companies add machine-learning-based intelligence to their contact centers.

CCI offers contact center solutions through AWS pre-trained ML services, including text-to-speech, translation, enterprise search, chatbots, business intelligence, and language comprehension, to aid at a variety of points in the contact center workflow.

These include a self-service solution that helps with creation of chatbots and ML-driven interactive voice response to address the most common queries, allowing call center employees to focus on higher-value work, Alejandra Quetzalli, an AWS developer advocate, explained in a blog post.

The self-service module leverages Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra.

The Live Call Analytics & Agent Assist solution enables the creation of real-time ML capabilities for staff productivity and engagement. It uses Amazon Transcribe to perform real-time speech transcription, while Amazon Comprehend can analyze interactions, detect the sentiment of the caller, and identify key words and phrases in the conversation. Amazon Translate can even be added to translate the conversation into a preferred language.

The third module is Post-Call Analytics for contact center conversations, which tend to leave actionable data for product and service feedback loops, according to Quetzalli. Similar to live call analytics, this solution combines Amazon Transcribe to perform speech recognition and creates a text transcription of each call, with Amazon Comprehend to analyze the interaction. Amazon Translate can be added to translate the conversation into preferred languages, and Amazon Kendra can be used for contextual natural language queries.

CCI solutions are being made available through Genesys, UiPath, Vonage, Acqueon, SuccessKPI, Inference Solutions, Slalom, Onica/Rackspace, TensorIoT, Quantiphi, Accenture, and HGS Digital, all members of the AWS Partner Network.

"We want to make it easy for our customers with contact centers to benefit from machine learning capabilities, even if they have no machine learning expertise. By partnering with APN technology and consulting partners to bring AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions to market, we are making it easier for customers to realize the benefits of cloud-based machine learning services while removing the heavy lifting and the need to hire specialized developers to integrate the ML capabilities in to their existing contact centers," said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS, in a statement.

"We're proud Genesys customers will be among the first to benefit from the off-the-shelf machine learning capabilities of AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions. It's now simpler and more cost-effective for organizations to combine AWS's AI capabilities, including search, text-to-speech, and natural language understanding, with the advanced contact center capabilities of Genesys Cloud to give customers outstanding self-service experiences," said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager of Genesys Cloud, in a statement.