AWS Adds Capabilities to Amazon Connect

dir="ltr">Amazon Web Services today introduced three capabilities for Amazon Connect that improve contact center agent productivity.  

The three new capabilities announced today include the following: 

  • Real-time agent assistance with Amazon Connect Wisdom, giving agents immediate access to product and service information to solve issues as they're speaking with customers. Amazon  Connect Wisdom ingests and organizes content, such as FAQs, help articles, and service briefs, from home-grown databases and third-party knowledge  repositories, with pre-built connectors to Salesforce and ServiceNow. When used with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Wisdom leverages machine learning-powered speech analytics to automatically detect customer issues during calls and recommend content in real time. Agents can use Amazon Connect Wisdom to search across data repositories to find answers.
  • Caller authentication with Amazon Connect Voice ID, providing real-time caller authentication using machine learning-powered voice analysis. With Amazon Connect Voice ID, callers can authenticate  themselves using their voices. When a caller enrolls, Amazon Connect Voice ID uses machine learning to analyze speech attributes like rhythm, pitch, and tone during the first few seconds of a call and then creates a secure digital voiceprint. When the customer calls again, Amazon  Connect Voice ID compares the voiceprint to the claimed identity and assigns a  confidence score, authenticating only if the caller's score meets the confidence score threshold set by the organization. If the caller doesn't meet the threshold, an agent can verify the identity through additional screening. Amazon Connect  Voice ID also lets companies create a custom watchlist with audio recordings of known fraudsters and automatically flags suspicious callers to lower fraudulent attacks.  
  • High-volume outbound communications across multiple channels (calls, texts, and emails), providing a simple, embedded way to contact millions of customers daily for communications like marketing promotions, appointment reminders, and upcoming delivery notifications. Managers can schedule and launch high-volume outbound communications by specifying the communications channel, contact list, and content that will be sent to customers. The new communication capabilities include a predictive dialer that uses machine learning to distinguish between live customer, voicemail greeting, or busy signal.

"With tens of thousands of AWS customers after just four years and more than 10 million customer  interactions every day, Amazon Connect has become one of AWS's fastest growing services ever," said  Pasquale DeMaio, general manager of Amazon Connect at AWS. "Today's three features build on this  powerful foundation to make it even simpler for contact centers to provide superior customer service. Now, businesses can give agents the ability to find answers faster, provide customers with a more secure  and efficient experience, and quickly scale their outbound communications."

As Traeger Grills has grown, one of its biggest challenges has been organizing relevant information for agents in real time. “So when we heard about Amazon Connect Wisdom, we were ecstatic," said Bryan Carey, the company's head of operations and analytics. "Integrating Amazon Connect Wisdom into our contact center has enabled our agents to focus on delivering premiere customer experiences instead of spending time navigating complex systems to identify customer issues. So far, agents using Amazon Connect Wisdom have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and first contact resolution of roughly 15 percent. They have also decreased their call handle times by roughly 15 percent. Amazon Connect Wisdom will be a cornerstone of our efforts to continue optimizing our customer service by equipping our agents with the information they need to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible."