iPerceptions, ClickTale, Combine Digital Customer Research with Voice of the Customer Feedback

iPerceptions, a provider of digital customer research tools, and ClickTale, an enterprise provider of digital customer experience solutions, announced the integration of their two solutions to provide in-depth digital customer experience context to voice of the customer feedback.

Leveraging patent-protected technology, the iPerceptions-ClickTale solution automatically triggers a ClickTale Session Playback recording when a visitor accepts an iPerceptions on-arrival survey invitation. This unique capability enables marketers to connect a visitor's online feedback with their actual in-page experience to provide a holistic view of their online experience.

Advantages of iPerceptions and ClickTale Integration include:

  • An in-depth understanding of the online behavior and in-page experience of visitors who have voiced feedback about your Web site.
  • Pinpoint specific Web site elements that cause customer struggle and trigger negative feedback.
  • Quickly resolve customer experience problems for both individual users and entire customer segments.
  • Use the observations to quickly optimize Web site experience, reduce maintenance costs and improve online conversion.

With the ClickTale and iPerceptions Integration, ClickTale's Session Playbacks are automatically pulled into the iPerceptions Active Research platform. In the iPerceptions portal, clients can then segment and filter ClickTale recordings of individual browser sessions using their feedback. This enables Web site owners to contextualize a visitor's browsing session with the feedback that the same visitor provides.

"When an online visitor expresses feedback, an effective way to fix the problem is to drill down and see exactly what they experienced," said Kris Irizawa, digital analytics and optimization manager, Logitech, in a statement. "The iPerceptions-ClickTale Solution allows us to quickly zoom in on dissatisfied Web site visitors, analyze their sessions to find out what went wrong, and quickly fix the issue to enhance the customers' experience and facilitate greater conversion."