gen-E Revamps RESOLVE Software to Speed IT Agent Support

gen-E, provider of an integrated incident resolution in network and IT operations, has released RESOLVE Software System 5 which adds new features designed to empower IT and network operations’ personnel and agents to resolve incidents of all types faster and more efficiently.

RESOLVE already has a set of features that decrease costs related to support by up to 200 percent within just months of deployment. The new features in RESOLVE 5 are designed to improve productivity even more while increasing the quality of service and customer satisfaction of end-users by resolving incidents faster.

This release provides service support agents with a new user experience for guided problem resolution. Agents are presented with resolution dashboards for problem isolation of complex services, deep triage with dynamic decision trees and accelerated diagnostic and repair through embedded automations. RESOLVE 5 can improve agent productivity by creating a more streamlined set of instructions which allows them to quickly resolve incidents as they arise.