eGain Releases Instant Answers with Generative AI

eGain today released eGain Instant Answers to help users, including contact center agents, find relevant answer snippets from enterprise knowledge bases using generative artificial intelligence technology.

eGain Instant Answers uses large language models tuned to enterprise-specific content to find the best answer snippet in context. At the same time, knowledge authors spend less time curating enterprise-approved, long-form content, into consumable knowledge articles.

eGain's composable architecture allows integration of new technologies such as ChatGPT as they become commercially available. The company will also leverage ChatGPT for conversational assistance to contact center agents during chat and email interactions. Agents can use the ChatGPT suggestion as is or post edits as they engage customers.

"Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT open up exciting automation possibilities in knowledge management and conversational engagement," said Ashu Roy, eGain's CEO, in a statement. "Instant Answers has been a big hit with our limited-release clients. They love the quick value it delivers."