Zimbra Community 8.0 Now Features Social Business Engagement to Analyze Customers

Zimbra, a provider of unified collaboration and community software, has released the latest version of its community software solution, Zimbra Community 8.0, which provides online communities with customer support and private social networking to remote and mobile workers.

New to Zimbra Community 8.0 is a free edition designed for small businesses and individual users who want to leverage the power of their social communities to increase engagement and their company's bottom line. This first-of-its-kind free edition will provide businesses and individuals with a complete solution to drive customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction and build employee loyalty, the company said.

“With the release of Zimbra Community Free Edition, organizations of all sizes can now benefit from our team's experience of powering more than 3,000 communities globally to improve real-time employee and customer collaboration, support and engagement,” said Rob Howard, CTO,  Zimbra, in a statement.

Additional enhancements of Zimbra's latest release include advanced analytics that drive enhanced contextual search capabilities, a new mobile interface and pre-built templates for fast and easy deployment. This suite of features lies behind a newly designed modern user interface that includes automated learning tools for community managers to speed adoption.

Key features of Zimbra Community 8.0 include a standard edition and professional edition. Additionally, for a full-featured test drive, organizations can try a 60-day trial with pre-populated content that demonstrates a complete production community while showcasing the new user interface and features of the latest release.

Zimbra's new design automatically adjusts its screen size to reflect the device size, allowing businesses to expand self-service support and employee collaboration to all modern devices and major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. From rich desktop applications to tablets and smartphones, Zimbra Community 8.0 supports customers and employees whenever, wherever. Zimbra also extends this user experience into a full-featured mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Zimbra's guided tour automates the process of teaching customers and employees how to use the online community.