Zappix Offers Self-Service Features to Mobile Customer Service Platform

Zappix, a cloud-based, multichannel consumer engagement mobile platform provider, has released mobile customer care self-service options.

With the new Zappix self-service capabilities businesses can offer more intuitive ways for their customers to connect with them for customer service using iPhone and Android phones and reduce call-center costs, the company said. Business customers can provide several self-service options on mobile devices to their customers including:

  • Designing a professional rich native mobile customer service app interaction with easy-to-use mobile forms, such as interactions involving registering a product or service, ordering or refilling prescriptions, reporting a product problem or reporting a service outage.
  • Browsing and experiencing interactive audio and video clips that provide promotional offers education and guidance.
  • Viewing images and PDFs.
  • Accessing a business-built, interactive, mobile list of FAQs that help customers find the information they need.
  • Integrating native email and native text messaging in communicating with support representatives.
  • Finding GPS coordinates via a navigation app for driving directions.

Using advanced cloud-based technology, Zappix provides companies of any size with the ability to create an entirely content-driven, multichannel, cross-OS mobile customer support smartphone experience in just days and without changing any existing IVR or contact center system.

Zappix also delivers APIs to businesses that enable the creation of on-demand integrations with the back-office systems of vendor and partner product/service providers. This enables a wide range of self-service tasks to be seamlessly performed such as password resets, the retrieval of warranty status information and the accessing/updating of status information. All of these capabilities are in addition to the Visual IVR platform of Zappix that gives consumers the navigational and automation advantages of visual menu options over the traditional audio-based, touchtone IVR.

“Tedious app store approvals are a thing of the past as non-technical business personnel can make changes easily to alter customer interaction processes and instantly publish changes to all Android and iOS devices,” said Amol Joshi, president and CEO, Zappix, in a statement. “Customers now have many more ways to engage with businesses instantly through a single click. Consequently tasks are simplified and streamlined across the product or service life cycle. By improving the Net Promoter Score and reducing call center costs our platform creates an immediate, tangible and long-lasting value for any business-to-consumer concern.”