Zappix Launches Visual IVR for the Hearing-Impaired

Zappix, a provider of smartphone visual IVR software, has announced a visual IVR solution for the hearing-impaired.

Visual IVR for the hearing-impaired from Zappix provides individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing a visual representation of interactive voice sesponse (IVR) call menus on their smartphones or computers.

The Zappix mobile on-demand solution allows service providers to enable customers with hearing loss to use Zappix visual IVR and on-demand smart apps instead of speaking to agents over the phone. They can now tap their phones and receive a range of services.

When hearing-impaired customers dial traditional customer service phone numbers, Zappix can activate the on-demand mobile solution to help them visually navigate and interact with the service provider. The Zappix visual customer service solution provides omnichannel touch screen access to telephony, mobile forms, videos, images, PDF files, email, text messaging (SMS), web, and social media.

"Zappix specialized solution of visual IVR and mobile on-demand allows service providers to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulatory acts worldwide. Voice commands are now translated into one-touch options, allowing for visual communication, but also the Zappix Visual IVR for the Hearing Impaired translates phone menus into one-touch options, allowing for visual communication. The use of omnichannel visual prompts makes communication easy and straightforward," said Avner Schneur CEO of Zappix, in a statement. "The Zappix smartphone Visual IVR for the hearing impaired solved the call center challenge of providing service to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing."

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Posted October 13, 2017