Yobi Launches Call Summarization

Yobi, provider of a customer communication app that unifies multiple channels, has launched Call Summarization, which generates an automatic content summary through a transcript and identifies critical points discussed in a customer call.

Yobi Call Summarization assists companies in keeping track of what was discussed and the necessary action items after the call. Every call participant can see the call summary, which includes a searchable transcript, action items, and other information.

Call Summarization can be used as a quality management tool; the summary evaluates customer service representatives' performance, identifies improvement areas, and creates training programs. It also helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations by automatically redacting sensitive information from call transcripts and summaries. It can also detect and flag potentially fraudulent or malicious activity.

"After recently introducing Yobi Translation and Call Sentiment Analysis, we are thrilled to introduce the perfect complementary enhancement to our app," said Ahmed Reza, CEO and founder of Yobi, in a statement. "Call Summarization is a powerful tool that provides several benefits to individuals and teams. One of the main benefits is that it saves time. If you've ever been in a meeting taking your own notes, our Call Summarization will allow individuals to quickly and easily understand the main points and action items discussed in a call.