Wysdom.AI Joins Microsoft Partner Network

Wysdom.AI has joined the Microsoft Partner Network and will deliver its enterprise-focused cognitive care solution across the globe.

"Joining the Microsoft Partner Network has allowed us to reach a global audience much faster than we would have alone," said Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom.AI, in a statement. "Our joint clients have the benefit of both Wysdom.AI and Microsoft technologies, and our combined teams to deploy the world's most effective virtual assistant technology."

Wysdom provides the framework, tools, and AI training data corpus to continuously train the system. As a Microsoft Partner, Wysdom can offer these services to a wider global audience, while simultaneously integrating Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service, among other Microsoft technologies.

"Access to Microsoft AI tools is a great advantage for Wysdom. Among other services, we leverage Bing Entity Search API, part of Cognitive Services for known named-entity extraction, something that Wysdom does not need to explicitly train for, thanks to our integration," said Karthik Balakrishnan, Wysdom.AI's chief technology officer, in a statement.

"The Microsoft Partner Network is built for a business like Wysdom.AI. Together we can showcase the AI-based customer journey management tools Wysdom has built that work effortlessly with Microsoft's existing AI solutions. In 2018, enterprise clients are looking for proven platforms that work out of the gate; with Wysdom they get just that," said Bob De Haven, general manager for growth industries at Microsoft, in a statement.

As part of the Microsoft Partner Network, Wysdom is available at Microsoft AppSource for cloud-based apps from Microsoft and its partners.