Wolken Software Launches Wolken Gen AI

Wolken Software, a provider of customer service solutions for B2B companies, has released Wolken Gen AI for streamlining and enhancing the process of managing customer queries and improving customer experiences.

Wolken Gen AI is the first offering within the company's new Wolken AI suite.

Wolken Gen AI, which can be integrated into nearly any service management platform, automates many processes, such as creating customized responses to user queries by identifying relevant data across multiple sources. The technology is built on machine learning models that can be trained with historical data sets from across the organization.

Wolken AI has already been implemented to enhance the following processes:

  • Prioritization and categorization of tickets;
  • Reopening of tickets based on customer responses;
  • Strategically routing tickets to agents based on content; and
  • Identifying trends and similar incidents and creating a ticket for cluster problems automatically.&

"As companies search for AI solutions that deliver tangible business results, we are pleased that Wolken Gen AI has proven to be a transformational tool for increasing efficiency within customer service for our customers," said Rohan Joshi, CEO and co-founder of Wolken Software, in a statement. "We have made it our goal for all the technology offerings within the Wolken AI suite of products to be easily implementable by our customers and to provide business solutions. As our inaugural AI product, Wolken Gen AI has been a significant success."