Weston Enables Recording on Skype for Business

Weston Digital Technologies has enhanced its Symphony 7 unified communications recording and analysis platform with recording support for Microsoft's Skype for Business.

With tightening regulations like MiFID II and PCI-DSS, businesses are required to record, manage, and retain customer interactions, including those conducted via Microsoft’s Skype for Business platform. This means organizations must be equipped to capture interactions across all modes of communication, including voice, video, conference calls, IM, screen-sharing and desktop activity.

"No matter what business you're in, be it finance, contact center, local government, or public safety, the regulatory landscape is continually shifting; Weston's customers across all sectors were telling us that they needed to record Skype for Business interactions as part of their compliance recording strategies," said Weston's managing director, Derek Townsend, in a statement. "Since Symphony already offered our customers a solution for compliant recording, retention, search, and reconstruction of communications, it made perfect sense to bring Skype for Business into the same ecosystem. Symphony’s familiar workflows and centralized management make it easy for businesses to have unparalleled control and at-a-glance understanding of all communications channels, now including their Skype for Business interactions, and our powerful search and reconstruction features make regulatory compliance refreshingly straightforward."