Waterfield Tech Adds Generative AI

Waterfield Tech, a customer engagement solutions provider, today launched a suite of generative artificial intelligence solutions for contact centers.

Waterfield Tech's suite of GPT solutions includes the following:

  • taskGPT, to deliver and optimize human-like conversational self-service;
  • routeGPT, for moving customers to the right place, whether it's self-service or an agent.
  • faqGPT, which supports Q&A interactions from website visitors, agents, sales reps, and more, providing responses based on company websites and/or knowledge bases.

"Generative AI is the key to unleashing productivity gains, and the pressure is on for contact center leaders to implement AI now," said Michael Fisher, chief product officer of Waterfield Tech, in a statement. "We're proud to introduce our suite of generative AI solutions to provide clients with expert choices and to help guide their decisions. Waterfield is uniquely positioned to marry the bleeding-edge innovation with tried-and-true practices and institutional knowledge so that our clients can extract maximum value from their tech investments and deliver on their AI strategy."