Vyopta Adds Monitoring Features

Vyopta, a provider of digital collaboration user experience management, has added functionality to improve voice cost optimization and calling insights.

The new features help organizations better plan for and reduce VoIP costs and gain greater visibility into the performance and utilization of session border controllers (SBCs) and SIP trunks by providing actionable insights based on call trends.

Vyopta's Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) suite provides visibility into hybrid and multi-vendor voice systems and the calls supported by these systems. With monitoring and analytics for both on-premises and cloud-based voice systems, Vyopta provides visibility into hybrid deployments, including Microsoft Direct Routing and Calling, Zoom Phone, RingCentral), PSTN service providers, and multi-vendor SBCs like Cisco and Oracle.

Cost Optimization services include traffic analysis, DID utilization, license reconciliation (i.e. Microsoft Teams Calling, RingCentral), trunk capacity, and expansion, maintenance, and support of voice infrastructure. Vyopta also lets users set up dashboards on voice metrics and compare those results with automated reports on specific data sets. This includes, sales and support, including call volume, inbound and outbound call trends, and answered and returned calls trends, among others.

Feature highlights in this release include the following:

  • Inventory insights that present all trunks and utilization in the environment;
  • Dashboard overview of trunk counts and segmentations;
  • Trunk details along with simplified search and reporting;
  • Unify trunks across all data sources and vendors into a single dataset;
  • Traffic analysis to inform how calls are routed;
  • Tagging trunks with valuable attributes about where and how calls are routed;
  • Linked data model tying back to the user to perform Direct Inward Dialing (DID) optimization;
  • Present maximum daily concurrent calls.

In addition to monitoring and analytics capabilities, this release also includes deeper coverage of session border controllers, such as Cisco's Unified Border Element (CUBE) and Oracle's Acme Packet.

"Our customers appreciate these new features because they lead to improved voice call experience and simplified troubleshooting, cost optimization, and call insights that directly affect customer success and sales," said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta's vice president of product management, in a statement. "These improvements deliver advanced DID management, call insights, and inventory management of trunks to the PSTN and the Internet."