Voxbone Launches Insights Call Quality Performance Platform

Cloud communications provider Voxbone today launched Insights, a call quality performance platform.

Voxbone Insights provides full visibility into call performance across both the customer and carrier legs of the call. It performs granular voice quality and consumption analysis in real time seconds after the call ends to identify potential voice quality issues and isolate them to a particular stage in the call journey.

Voxbone Insights provides businesses with the following:

  • Granular quality metrics, including mean opinion score, packet loss, round-trip time, and jitter for both the customer and carrier stages of the call journey;
  • Call Detail Records stored in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other local laws governing privacy and data retention;
  • API output for advanced automation, such as billing reconciliation and dynamic routing changes;
  • Real-time monitoring of channel utilization; and
  • Fully customizable real-time alerts.

"The business voice market is now so competitive that quality and customer experience have become major differentiators," said Matt Brown, Voxbone's vice president of product management, in a statement. "With Voxbone Insights, we stay true to our mission of simplifying the provision and management of telephony services via our cloud-native Enterprise communications platform. Insights provides full visibility into the performance of our network at every stage of the call journey, making anomaly detection super simple."

Voxbone Insights is available entirely from the cloud, via the Voxbone platform and API.