VoltDelta Futhers Call Center Offerings with Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS

Dialogic announced that VoltDelta is using its PowerMedia XMS Server software to develop the Delta ACD 2.0, an on-demand call center that gives enterprises a full spectrum of cloud-based services, such as call recording and call distribution to agents.

The software-based Dialogic PowerMedia already powers VoltDelta's mission-critical capabilities such as high-volume interactive voice response and fully trackable integrated recording. PowerMedia XMS's scalability gives VoltDelta the flexibility to easily add new customers and achieve peak performance, resulting in improved service for VoltDelta's users in financial services, healthcare and transportation industries. 

VoltDelta's call center technology fields as many as two billion calls per year and must offer consistent service through spikes in activity, making a reliable telco-grade media processing partner product a necessity. Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS solution offered VoltDelta the dependability it needed, as well as the capacity for more granular tracking and enhanced reporting. With PowerMedia XMS, VoltDelta can provide its clients with high-quality contact center services that engage customers across channels with the flexibility to evolve as businesses grows – all without additional hardware, proprietary software clients or plug-ins.

"Our call centers can't fail our customers even once,” said Rich Oldach, president, VoltDelta Resources, in a statement. “PowerMedia XMS provides compelling capabilities and performance required to deliver reliable cloud contact center customer care at any call or message volume."

Dialogic's cloud-ready PowerMedia XMS software media server enhances communications applications by offering a mix of multi-party conferencing, transcoding, network media interworking, recording, stream processing and analysis for contact center, value added services, WebRTC, and automated person-to-machine applications. By offering standards-based media control interfaces and management capabilities on an award-winning platform, PowerMedia XMS enables service providers and developers to rapidly create and deploy powerful real-time media services. 

"Contact centers are mission critical, so quality and capability cannot be sacrificed as these services move to the cloud," said Andrew Goldberg, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for Dialogic, in a statement. "The PowerMedia XMS media processing platform is a key enabler that allows VoltDelta to provide leading customer service capabilities such as agent routing and recording in the cloud without compromising on scale or reliability."