Verizon Business and CareAR Partner

Today, Verizon Business and CareAR, a Xerox company, announced a strategic partnership that combines Verizon's 4G, 5G networks, and near real-time compute technology with CareAR's augmented reality and artificial intelligence-based customer service platform.

"We've seen a dramatic shift in the global workforce. It's our mission to help our customers navigate today while identifying strategic paths for innovation and growth," said Sampath Sowmyanarayan, chief revenue officer of Verizon Business, in a statement. "Through 5G and edge computing, we can help CareAR deliver advanced AR and AI capabilities on standard mobile, smart glass, and drone devices to drive efficiencies and experiences."

"CareAR is focused on making expertise accessible, instantly and with context. Users are empowered with on-demand visual access to experts and instructional content delivered to their preferred devices," said CareAR's president, Sam Waicberg, in a statement. "Our strategic partnership with Verizon enables us to push these capabilities even further, resulting in improved customer outcomes and helping to solve major challenges for service providers, such as reducing carbon emissions and bridging the talent gap." 

CareAR, powered by Verizon's network technology, will be able to deliver real-time support and expert-guided troubleshooting solutions across its portfolio of products and services, CareAR's SXM platform is purpose built for customer enablement, field service, and knowledge delivery. Since being acquired by Xerox earlier this year, CareAR has added Xerox's digital content, robotic process automation (RPA), analytics, and artificial intelligence as part of the CareAR SXM platform.