Verint Releases TimeFlex Bot

Verint today launched the Verint TimeFlex Bot for agent scheduling in the contact center.

The Verint TimeFlex Bot is one of many Verint bots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) models on the Verint Open Platform. The TimeFlex Bot leverages AI with workforce management (WFM) forecasts.

"Life has an inescapable way of throwing the unexpected at all of us. Agents today want flexibility and control to balance their work schedule with their changing personal and family needs," said David Singer, global vice president of go-to-market strategy at Verint, in a statement. "Verint TimeFlex Bot gives agents groundbreaking tools to automate shift swap, split shifts, and schedule changes. It uses AI and gamification to align the agent's preferences and impromptu needs with the company's scheduling and forecasting priorities."

With the Verint TimeFlex Bot, agents can earn and spend FlexCoins to create schedule changes that are optimal for them and the company. FlexCoins are earned when agents make schedule changes that benefit the company.

"Early adopters of the Verint TimeFlex Bot saw an average of 10 shift schedule changes per month for every agent," Singer continued. "Contact center leaders have struggled for years to balance the scheduling needs of their business operations with work/life balance of their agents. Today Verint is offering an AI-powered bot to finally bridge that gap and help brands improve employee experience, engagement and retention while reducing the manual effort associated with frequent schedule changes."