Verint Partners with Badgeville to Deliver WFO Gamification Solutions

Verint has teamed up with Badgeville and will incorporate Badgeville's gamification capabilities to Verint’s Impact 360 Workforce Optimization (WFO) software suite.

Badgeville's Behavior Platform enables businesses to add game mechanics to motivate high-value employee and customer behavior across Web sites, online communities, mobile and enterprise applications. Verint customers will now have access to Badgeville's real-time engagement capabilities that can encourage specific behaviors and achieve targeted customer experience and enhanced revenue goals. This is achieved through a variety of sophisticated game mechanics and feedback loops, such as points, badges, scoreboards and leaderboards, as well as the advanced ability to track high-value behaviors and reward these in the form of missions for employee levels.

“Gamification centers on capturing statistics, communicating status, and rewarding behavior. This is also what Verint’s workforce optimization software is all about, using the data and metrics available to create visibility across management teams and supervisors, reward good behavior and interactions, and create coaching and learning opportunities as situations and needs require,” says Mike Bourke, director, Contact Center WFO practice, Verint. “Through our relationship with Badgeville we’re able to focus more heavily on using gaming mechanics to help drive employee engagement, improve productivity and reduce attrition in the process.”

The move to drive more competitive and engaging customer care environments is further validated by the analyst community. Verint noted research from Gartner which said that “gamification is a powerful tool to engage employees, customers and the public to change behaviors, develop skills and drive innovation, and that by 2015, 40 percent of global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations."

“Employee productivity and engagement is a key segment of the gamification industry, which has experienced explosive growth in the last year,” says Kevin Akeroyd, senior vice president, field operations, Badgeville.  “Using well-designed game mechanics within workforce optimization software, such as Verint’s Impact 360, creates structured experiences that promote productivity, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction."