Verint Launches IVA Pro Package

Verint, a customer engagement solutions provider, today launched the Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Professional (IVA Pro) Package, a low-code conversational artificial intelligence (AI) offering that can turn existing conversation data into automated self-service experiences.

As part of the Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) offering, the package allows business professionals to deploy a production-ready chatbot to deflect calls and support customers.

Powered by the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform, this new cloud-based offering includes a complete set of AI-powered design and analytics tools to help companies align IVAs with their business goals and measure results to adjust and optimize chatbots.

"Verint IVA and IVA Pro Package now empowers non-technical business users to focus on the customer experience without sacrificing intelligence or value. This gives organizations capabilities they've never been able to wield before and the potential to advance and operationalize AI across the enterprise as their self-service aspirations grow and evolve," said Tracy Malingo, general manager and global vice president of intelligent self-service at Verint, in a statement.