Verint Adds to Workforce Planning for a Gradual and Safe Return to the Office

Verint Systems has added capabilities within its Workforce Management (WFM) solution to enable companies to transition back to the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Using existing components embedded within its WFM solution, Verint created workflows to automatically create comprehensive schedules that are prescriptive and accommodate traditional workforce management criteria, such as skill level, channels, and peak hours, but also incorporate new requirements. These include the foillowing:

  • Staggered start times;
  • A mix of work-from-home and in-office agents;
  • Safe distancing scheduling recommendations per building capacity and by floor, workspaces, or zones;
  • Necessary employee health checks;
  • Office and desk hygiene time allocations;
  • Equal opportunities for employees to rotate in and out of the office and to ensure employees not yet ready to return to the office are not scheduled to do so; and
  • Mobile scheduling requests and notifications to employees on schedule changes.

"Returning employees to the workplace requires careful consideration, planning, and flexibility. Leaders across the organization must work together to create a productive and safe environment for all employees whether they continue working from home or return to the office," said Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager of strategic operations at Verint, in a statement. "Verint's market-leading Workforce Management solution provides our customers with the ability to address these challenges with automation."