Upstream Works Introduces Omni AI Hub

Upstream Works, an omnichannel contact center solutions company, has released Omni AI Hub, featuring a suite of standardized artificial intelligence capabilities for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid contact centers.

The Omni AI Hub framework operationalizes AI to provide automated transcriptions, summarization, sentiment, intent, and escalations. The hub supports AI flexibility and provides virtual customer self-service, real-time AI-powered agent assistance, integration with AI-enabled knowledge and performance analytics and reports, to deliver personalized customer engagements across channels.

Upstream Works' Omni AI Hub key features include the following:

  • A centralized framework with a suite of AI-driven capabilities for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid contact centers;
  • A choice of AI models, including native Upstream Works AI operating on-premise and cloud;
  • AI Messaging Link, which standardizes chatbots across messaging channels for self-service and seamless escalations to an agent;
  • Agent Assist, which offers intelligent, real-time agent assistance and guidance with standardization and automation of transcription, summarization, sentiment, intent, and escalation;
  • Assist Knowledge, which provides centralized omnichannel knowledge management with AI-enabled summaries and responses;
  • Performance Analytics and reporting with A/B testing; and
  • Enterprise-ready, flexible, secure and scalable AI and omnichannel solutions.

"Since the emergence of mainstream, commodity-based AI apps like ChatGPT, customer experience organizations have been very interested in finding a way to benefit from it. But because AI is complex to set up, most have yet to take advantage of it," said Rob McDougall, CEO of Upstream Works, in a statement. "With Omni AI Hub, we have significantly simplified the implementation of an advanced feature set enabled by AI, while continuing to leverage a contact center's existing infrastructure, using the AI of your choice."