Upstream Works Introduces AgentNow

Upstream Works, an omnichannel contact center solutions company, today introduced AgentNow, which allows customers to connect with qualified contact center agents using popular unified communications channels, including voice, video, and chat. Supported unified communications platforms include Webex and Microsoft Azure Communication Services.

AgentNow allows customers to connect directly with agents using a mix of chat and video within the same session. Customers can access contact center agents for real-time support by scanning a QR code with a smartphone or visiting a webpage on a mobile device. Customers can view a corporate branded informational or promotional video while waiting in queue. Agents can see what the customer sees, follow emotional cues, gauge reactions in real time, and resolve issues on the spot. 

With AgentNow, organizations can tap into on-demand and non-contact center agents to better support surges in customer demand and to supplement finite, on-site customer support capabilities. 

"Immediate and real-time, face-to-face interactions will improve the customer experience in a growing number of industries," said Upstream Works CEO Rob McDougall in a statement. "We're excited to bring the power of AgentNow to more Upstream Works clients and empower them to leverage on-demand agents to further improve customer engagement and satisfaction with faster resolutions and personalized service." 

AgentNow is a core feature of the Upstream Works enterprise contact center solution and its full breadth of capabilities including agent productivity tools, omnichannel capabilities, integrations, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation. The agent has full visibility of the customer journey, interaction history and context-data. AgentNow also takes advantage of Upstream Works' desktop AI capabilities, including the AI-powered Agent Assist, which provides real-time guidance with automated conversation summaries, transcriptions, intent, and sentiment.