Upgraded Pegasystems Enterprise Customer Service Solution Features Social Collaboration

Pegasystems has released a revamped version of its customer service solution that runs on Pegasystems’ latest release, Pega 7, and is available on-cloud or on-premise.

Pega Customer Service enables customer service organizations to deliver accurate, relevant and complete resolutions to customer inquiries on the first contact, whether the interaction is Web, mobile, or via the contact center. The company said that with the solution, businesses are able to reduce handle time and eliminate wasteful activities like screen toggling, copying, pasting and call noting. 

Additionally, automated decisioning and predictive analytics deliver real-time recommendations to guide both the customer and the service representative through every conversation, reducing effort, increasing positive outcomes, and in many cases eliminating agent training.  When appropriate, self-service interactions can be seamlessly escalated to a customer service representative picking up exactly where the customer left off, without any loss of information, improving the customer experience. The latest release of Pega Customer Service also strengthens customer engagement with integrated co-browsing, enhanced social collaboration features, and more extensive support for mobile devices. 

The solution includes:

Pega Customer Service enables customers to receive consistent and effective service, while customer care organizations optimize efficiency with features such as:

  • Co-Browse – Through a partnership with LiveLOOK, Pega now delivers an collaboration tool that creates an instant screen sharing experience.  Companies now have a tool to provide exceptional customer service and better facilitate even the most complex service process
  • Omnichannel User Experience – Helps deliver a consistent, attractive and intuitive user experience that automatically adapts to each channel and device.  With this capability companies can design their best service experience once and deploy it to traditional channels as well as to social channels and on mobile devices.
  • Self Documenting Interactions –captures the complete audit trail for every interaction and with one click enables customer service representatives to capture every action they take.  This eliminates the need for on-call noting or post-call work and reduces handle times.
  • Social Collaboration – captures suggestions, events and case information as employees, partners and customers collaborate. This can reduce call transfers and hold times by making it easy for call center agents to engage subject matter experts. 
  • Dynamic Case Management – A new way for business analysts to capture, realize and evolve how they deliver customer service. Intuitive visual tools mirror the way business people naturally think about handling multichannel interactions as stakeholders use visual tools to quickly and determine major stages and milestones, and then continuously improve the case flow process.