USAN Releases All-in-One Hosted Contact Center Engagement Suite

USAN, a provider of cloud-based multichannel customer engagement products and technologies, has launched an all-inclusive hosted contact center engagement solution.

Metaphor Voice provides call centers of any size with a modular and expandable set of communications and engagement capabilities that can be deployed quickly and scaled from smaller operations to highly customized enterprise implementations. Built for the cloud, Metaphor Voice offers a full spectrum of new and improved features in a single tenant, PCI compliant system.

Metaphor Voice comes with an Automated Outbound Dialer for high volume outbound calling, an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for intelligent inbound call routing and an IVR system for automated customer service.

The suite is managed by a Web portal for tweaking virtually any type of campaign parameter, from answer detection and disposition behaviors to dialing modes and connection ratios, call recording, agent monitoring, reporting and more. Metaphor Voice also includes an Agent Desktop interface for agent-to-customer interactions.

The solution is powered by the Metaphor Customer Engagement (CE) platform, which offers a built-in integration framework and adapters that can connect Metaphor Voice to almost any existing technology and database, including competitors’, so organizations can continue to leverage their existing investments. With included process management capabilities and a flexible workflow designer, organizations can centralize and coordinate business processes that will improve agility and productivity. Companies can also design their own services, workflows and applications with the Metaphor CE platform’s developer tools.

For organizations that plan to expand beyond traditional channels to include mobile, social media and SMS, USAN will offer expansion modules powered by the Metaphor CE platform to enable true multichannel customer contact. USAN will also offer other pre-built modules for specialized needs like campaign management, collections and more.