UJET Launches SMS Adapter for Salesforce CRM

UJET, a provider of customer support communications and solutions, today released SMS Adapter, allowing users of Salesforce.com's CRM systems to deploy in-call text messaging capabilities and smartphone features such as photos, video, and screenshots with existing interactive voice response systems.

With the new SMS Adapter, support agents and supervisors can extend capabilities within their Salesforce CRM, making it easier to maneuver between panels, send and retrieve data, and ensure that customer profiles and tickets are up to date. While on the phone with customers, they can add a fluid omnichannel experience to gather more context and resolve issues faster.

"The digital transformation of customer support and the move to the cloud means that enterprises no longer need a one-size-fits-all contact center solution," said Anand Janefalkar, founder and CEO of UJET, in a statement. "Now, with the new SMS Adapter, no matter the IVR system, agents can easily spin up a fluid SMS experience while on the call, utilize our patented smart actions, and ensure a reduction in handle time and increase in customer satisfaction."