UJET Enhances Its Customer Support Platform with New Integrations and Customizations

UJET today launched an enhanced version of its UJET Customer Support Platform featuring new workforce management (WFM), quality management (QM), and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations and configuration capabilities.

The new integrations include the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing Dynamics users to leverage UJET's call and chat adapters, patented smart-actions, and advanced routing, including logical evaluation of user segmentation data from Dynamics;
  • Verint Monet Workforce Management, allowing data to automatically be pushed from the UJET platform into the WFM system; and
  • Verint Monet Quality Management, allowing for the monitoring and evaluation of agent interactions with customers, tracking keywords, and other key performance metrics, quotas, and goals.

The new customization features include the following:

  • Customizable Ticket Title - Customer support professionals can now customize ticket titles via dynamic parameters to see additional information and enable more refined session classification processing within the CRM. Agents, supervisors, and administrators can now customize tickets by phone number, call chat ID, menu path, time stamp, language, and more; and
  • Custom Field Lookup - UJET now allows agents, supervisors, and administrators to use their own, existing unique identifiers when looking up end users and assign sessions and customer information by referencing their preferred customer IDs.

"Whether it is attempting to efficiently resolve a customer issue, managing the agent workforce, tracking agent performance and quality of service, or optimizing data flow, support agents and supervisors often find themselves maneuvering between multiple separate systems," said Joerg Habermeier, head of product at UJET, in a statement. "The latest enhancements to the UJET platform further cement our commitment to a cloud-native, mobile-focused, and intelligent approach to simplifying and optimizing the connection of the entire contact center ecosystem."

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Posted August 09, 2019