U.S. Contact Center Industry Sees 50,000 New Jobs Created in 20014

Between October 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, jobs4america recorded 14,544 net new U.S. contact center jobs created. With quarter four’s strong numbers, jobs4america is at 49,569 net new U.S. contact center jobs for 2014.

“For three quarters in a row, the American contact center industry continues to grow,” said Matt Zemon, chairman of jobs4america and CEO, American Support, in a statement. “In the last half of 2014, the U.S. contact center industry created 3,839 more jobs than the total new contact center jobs created anywhere else in the world.

“This quarter we are particularly thankful that companies like Unisys, Comcast, AAA and Congnizant have chosen to expand their U.S. presence. We also commend all the organizations that are choosing to outsource to BPOs that are growing their U.S. presence including IBEX Global, Convergys, APAC, Teletech, Alliance Data Systems and Alorica.”

Jobs4america uses data compiled by Site Selection Group to record U.S. job creation. From October 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 here are the top 10 U.S. site expansion and openings by company, number of jobs, city, and state.  

1. IBEX Global (1,000- San Antonio, TX) 
2. Convergys (900- St. Louis, MO) 
3. Unisys (700- Augusta, GA) 
4. APAC (682- Tuscon, AZ)     
5. Comcast (600- Hudon, NH) 
6. Teletech (600- McAllen, TX) 
7. AAA (580- Salt Lake City, UT) 
8. Alliance Data Systems (530- Lenexa, KS) 
9. Alorica (500- Tulsa, OK) 
10. Cognizant (500- Charlotte, NC)

October 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 Top 10 US Site Closure/Downsizing:

Company    (# of Jobs- City, State, Type) 
1. Wingspan (300- Monroe, LA, Downsized)     
2. Assurion (232- Rapid City, SD, Closed)     
3. Sykes (200- Fayetteville, NC, Downsized)     
4. Corinthian Colleges (200- Colorado Springs, CO, Closed) 
5. Netflix (188- Hillsboro, OK, Closed)      
6. Telerx (156- Allentown, PA, Closed) 
7. Financial Management Solutions (130, Rockford, IL, Closed) 
8. Verizon (117, Erie, PA, Closed)      
9. Sears (112, Columbus, OH, Closed)      
10. Living Social (100, Tucson, AZ, Downsized)     

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