Transera Turns Contact Center Data into Strategies for Business Optimization

Transera announced that it is opening up its customer engagement analytics, allowing customers to analyze information from two data sources for 90 days using its cloud-based software.

As part of the program, Transera will map three months of historical data from each participant’s two contact center data sources into a unique, secure instance of the Transera Customer Engagement Repository. It will then provide these contact center operators with full access to the Customer Engagement Analyzer for 90 days so they can interactively find correlations between the agent activities and customer behaviors that drive their business outcomes. The Transera Data Science team will also guide participants throughout the entire process and calculate the potential return on investment that can be achieved by implementing business optimization strategies uncovered during the program.

At the end of the 90-day period, an executive summary presentation will be created and delivered by the Transera data science and program management teams detailing the insights discovered, optimization strategies recommended and potential ROI from the optimization strategies. Participating contact centers will have new insights on how to improve performance, such as increasing revenues, customer retention rates and first call resolutions. Methods of improvement are often new script recommendations and call routing strategies based on agent performance, customer need, priority or value.

“As contact centers continue to rapidly evolve into customer engagement centers, it’s critical to be able to capture, connect and analyze customer and agent data across touch points and systems, and then use insights from this analysis to better serve customers and maximize their long-term value,” said Prem Uppaluru, Transera president and CEO, in a statement. “Transera has made interactive and collaborative analysis far easier and more flexible than anything currently on the market and we’re thrilled to temporarily offer this at no charge to companies that want to move from focusing on operational efficiency to vastly improving business outcomes.”

The program includes access to Customer Engagement Analyzer 2.0, which provides a complete view of customer engagement—no matter what operational system or channel through which interactions occurred—so companies can optimize for better business outcomes and customer experiences. Contact centers enrolled in the 90-day program will also have full access to Transera’s Customer Engagement Repository, a SaaS and analytics-as-a-service offering that stitches together related records from disparate contact center systems into unified customer interaction records and agent activity records and stores them in the cloud using Big Data and NoSQL technologies.