Transcom Partners with Google Cloud on Generative AI Solutions for CX

Transcom, a customer experience services provider, is partnering with Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence solutions to improve customer service operations, reduce costs, and raise customer satisfaction. 

"AI has quickly gone from being a hype to presenting real cases with real benefits. By combining our vast knowledge of CX, service operations, and AI solutions with Google Cloud's gen AI capabilities, we can not only meet the increasing demand but actually steer the industry forward by creating game-changing AI CX solutions. We've already seen some first results of our partnership, and the future looks bright," said Jonas Dahlberg, president and CEO of Transcom, in a statement.

"Generative AI brings transformative potential for the CX services industry, and we're thrilled that Transcom is utilizing Google Cloud's Vertex AI to create innovative experiences for CX agents and operations managers," said Warren Barkley, senior director of product management for Vertex AI at Google Cloud, in a statement. "Vertex AI empowers partners like Transcom to access large language models to easily experiment and build generative AI applications, and we look forward to seeing how Transcom continues to innovate with this technology."

The first result of the partnership is an Agent Development Accelerator (ADA), which uses AI to emulate real-life customer interactions for agent training while providing feedback on performance and improvement areas.