Toshiba Adds Call Accounting to IPedge

Toshiba has added Call Accounting, enabling users to generate call activity reports, with the IPedge R1.7.1 upgrade.

With IPedge R1.7.1, Toshiba's Call Accounting application is built-in as a standard feature. No additional license is required, and no external hardware or software is needed to generate call activity reports.

System administrators configure the application from Toshiba's Enterprise Manager system management tool.

Features of the Call Accounting application include the following:

  • Selection of specific filters by which reports are generated and saved automatically. Data can be extracted by call type, station number, specific trunk or line groups, Caller ID, account code, call duration, time or date and/or network ID, among other criteria.
  • Choice of report types, including summary and more detailed reports.
  • Ability to handle call costing through rate tables for specific area codes, international calls, and toll-free calls, which can be created from Enterprise Manager or imported from a CSV file.
  • Generation of notifications for emergency calls (i.e., 911), inbound calls from specified callers, and/or outbound calls with specific prefix codes, such as international calls to the United Kingdom. System administrators will be notified by email as soon as the number is dialed and once the call has ended.

"Toshiba takes user productivity to the next level with the latest IPedge software release," said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems' Telecommunication Systems Division, in a statement.

Toshiba's Call Accounting application joins other IPedge applications that already reside on a single Linux-based server, including call processing, unified messaging, unified communications, mobility, and centralized administration, along with optional contact center software and reporting.