TheLoops Launches Version 1.0 of Its Intelligent Support Operations Platform

TheLoops, an intelligent support operations platform provider, today released Version 1.0 of its platform, enabling agents to make decisions faster and deliver modern support with real-time access to operational customer product feature data within tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and Jira.

TheLoops contextualizes data, learning from collaborations across support, customer success, and engineering and providing insights from broad data sets and recommendations embedded in intelligent process flows. In addition, real-time insights drawn from people, process, and tooling interactions help support managers monitor their service operations.

Key features of TheLoops include the following:

  • Unified Data that correlates all customer and product data to identify the customer issue, present recommendations, and initiate workflows in a single view;
  • Real-Time Insights that fuel contextual recommendations;
  • Continuous Learning;
  • Intelligent Collaboration, with process flows that run across systems and teams, learning from each interaction;
  • Operations Visibility, providing contextual awareness of operations, agent performance, and customer metrics for processes improvement, forecasting, and change management.

"We live in a world where more digital businesses recognize that leveraging automation and analytics to support human-centric engagement will improve the quality of customer relationships and drive empathetic loyalty. Many companies have igitized their data, but not their customer experience. This is where TheLoops steps in. By having an agile approach to customer support, we enable our clients to scale their businesses while reducing operational costs. TheLoops transforms support from being a cost center to a growth driver," Somya Kapoor, CEO of TheLoops, said in a statement.

TheLoops is a no code, low code cloud-based solution with a monthly/annual pay-as-you-go subscription.