Thankful Partners with Dixa

Thankful, providers of an artificial intelligence platform for customer service, has expanded into the European market by partnering with Dixa, a customer service platform provider.

Leveraging Thankful's AI Agent within Dixa allows for autoscaling for hypergrowth, seasonal rushes, and daily fluctuations. Thankful and Dixa engage with customers across email, chat, in-app, and social. Thankful's Agent Assist delivers AI intuition to agents within Dixa, collating all relevant information and even suggesting next responses.

"Dixa is excited to partner with AI platform, Thankful. We are seeing a growing trend of customers looking for AI automation and assistance, allowing human agents to focus on more complex high-value conversations with customers. Thankful's technology allows for that opportunity to take place at scale," said Maurits Pieper, Dixa's partnerships manager, in a statement.

"This partnership with Dixa is an exciting next step for us as it not only allows us entry into the highly desirable European market, but Dixa's products are best-in-class and our shared ethos will help us get exceptional customer service closer to becoming the norm," said Ted Mico, Thankful's founder and CEO, in a statement.

Thankful has other partnerships in place with helpdesk providers like Zendesk, Kustomer, and Gladly.