Tellwise Integration with Automates Buyer Communications

Tellwise, a buyer collaboration engine, announced the integration of Tellwise Smart Messages with CRM software. Customer and prospect communications conducted through Tellwise are automatically logged into, enabling ongoing tracking, analysis and reporting and increasing sales forecast accuracy.

Tellwise is a messaging platform designed specifically for buyers and sellers. The buying process has many phases and requirements for both buyers and sellers that increasingly can’t be tackled efficiently by email alone. Sellers must better manage large numbers of customers, run campaigns, use analytics to understand engagement, and provide real-time collaboration when the buyer gets closer to making the purchase decision.

Tellwise addresses this range of communication requirements and delivers a simple multidevice experience for the buyer. No matter where they are, buyers can view and collaborate on their buyer journey via a dedicated and personalized environment called a Tellwise Smart Message. A Smart Message is created by the seller in real time and provides analytics, reminders and collaboration as simply as sending an email. The result is better productivity for both the buyer and the seller.

Tellwise now takes Smart Messages even further for the sales professional by integrating with Salesforce CRM. A Tellwise user can link to their Salesforce account, providing benefits to the seller including:

  • Access to contacts: The ability to instantly access their Salesforce contacts directly on the Tellwise platform makes it quick and simple for sales professionals to maintain communications with buyer contacts.
  • Synchronized communication history: As the seller communicates with the buyer using Tellwise Smart Messages all activities including customer activity are automatically synchronized to Salesforce. By delivering useful customer data back to Salesforce, Tellwise enables sellers to focus on the customer and not worry about administrative details. The result is a more productive seller and a more engaged customer.

“Sales forecast accuracy has always been a challenge, largely due to lack of accurate information on the impact of customer communications,” said Conrad Bayer, co-founder and CEO of Tellwise, in a statement. “Our goal with Tellwise is to allow the seller to focus on the buyer so they don’t have to waste time on the administrative backend. By streamlining communications and giving sales the ability to see how buyers respond, Tellwise helps companies close more deals.”